Since 2018
Assistant Director of the CREA Lab (Centre de Recherches Anglophones) Université Paris Nanterre

Since 2015
Member of the University’s Research Council
Member of the CREA Lab Advisory Board
Member of the Publishing Advisory Board of Paris Nanterre University Press


Since 2017
Member of the Advisory Committee for English Studies (CCD) Université Paris Nanterre

Peer reviewing and scientific evaluations

For funding agencies: ANR, MSHS Poitiers, FWO (Netherlands & Belgium)

For journals: TIPA, ANGLES, LINX, Metaphor and the Social World, Discourse & Communication, Journal of Experimental Psychology

For conference series: ISGS, ICLC, AFLICO, PLS

Organisation of scientific events

7-9 June 2018
58th SAES Conference: Revolution(s) (French Association for English Studies). 400 participants. Paris Nanterre. Main organizer: Bernard Cros. My task: webmastering

3-4 May 2018
AFLiCo JET 2018: Corpora and Representativeness. Université Paris Nanterre. 30 participants. Main organizers: Camille Debras, Sophie Raineri & Guillaume Desagulier  

18-22 July 2016
International Conference ISGS7: 7th Conference of the International Society for Gesture Studies: Gesture – Creativity – Multimodality. 450 participants. Sorbonne Nouvelle. Main organizers: Aliyah Morgenstern, Dominique Boutet & Camille Debras.

11 March 2016
Multimodality and Constructions Workshop. Workshop Series Constructions, Grammar, Lexicon and Cognition. Lattice, Labex TransferS, ENS Ulm. 30 participants. Main organizer: Camille Debras

22 March 2014
AFLiCo JET 2014: Stance and Inter(Subjectivity). Sorbonne Nouvelle. 30 participants. Main organisers: Aliyah Morgenstern, Grégory Furmaniak & Camille Debras.

24 May 2013
Multimodal analysis of videotaped corpora workshop. Sorbonne Nouvelle. 30 participants. Main organizers: Aliyah Morgenstern & Camille Debras

11 June 2012
Dynamic Multimodal Communication Workshop, VU Amsterdam. 20 participants. Main organizer: Camille Debras  

20-22 May 2011
51st SAES Conference (French Association for English Studies). 400 participants. Sorbonne Nouvelle and Paris Diderot. My task: co-organisation of doctoral workshops.