List of publications

Coedition of journal issue

Peer-reviewed journal papers

  • Debras, Camille. (submitted). Epistemic-evidential functions of facial displays.
  • Debras, Camille and Pauline Beaupoil-Hourdel. (under revision). Gestural alignment in metalinguistic sequences during tandem interactions.
  • Debras, Camille. (2021). How to prepare the video component of the Diachronic Corpus of Political Speeches for multimodal analysis. Research in Corpus Linguistics, 9(1), 132-151.
  • Debras, Camille. (2021). Multimodal profiles of je (ne) sais pas in spoken French. Journal of Pragmatics, 182 (42-62).
  • Debras, Camille. (2020). Espaces fictionnels, espaces interactionnels: approches linguistiques des séries. TV/Series 18.
  • Debras, Camille. (2020). Tele-tandems are not the online version of face-to-face tandems; here’s why. Cahiers de l’APLIUT 39 : 1.
  • Raineri, Sophie et Camille Debras. (2019). Corpora and Representativeness: Where to go from now? Introduction to the special issue Corpora and Representativeness, Cognitextes 19.
  • Debras, Camille (2019). Political graffiti in May 2018 at Nanterre University: A linguistic ethnographic analysis. Discourse and Society 30 (5), 441-464.
  • Debras, Camille and Pauline Beaupoil-Hourdel. (2019). Gestualité et construction des chaînes de référence dans un corpus d’interactions tandem. Cahiers de Praxématique 72.
  • Debras, Camille. (2018). Complémentarité des corpus et des méthodes pour l’analyse linguistique des gestes. Corpus 18.
  • Debras, Camille (2017). The shrug: forms and meanings of a compound enactment. Gesture, 16 (1), 1-34.
  • Beaupoil-Hourdel, Pauline and Camille Debras. (2017). Developing communicative postures: The emergence of shrugging in child communication. Language, Interaction and Acquisition, 8 (1), Special Issue “The gesture–sign interface in language acquisition”.
  • Morgenstern, Aliyah, Camille Debras, Pauline Beaupoil, Marine Le Mené, Stéphanie Caët and Tamar Kremer-Sadlik. (2015). La cérémonie de l’artichaut et autres rituels : transmission de patrimoines alimentaires immatériels dans des dîners familiaux à Paris. Anthropology of Food, 9, Special Issue “Children’s food heritage: anthropological approaches”.
  • Debras, Camille & Émilie L’Hôte. (2015). Framing, metaphor and dialogue – a multimodal approach to Party Conference Speeches. Metaphor and the Social World, 5(2): 177-204.
  • Kremer-Sadlik Tamar, Aliyah Morgenstern, Chloe Peters, Pauline Beaupoil, Stéphanie Caët, Camille Debras, Marine Le Mené. (2015). Eating fruits and vegetables. An ethnographic study of American and French family dinners. Appetite, 1(89): 84-92.
  • Debras, Camille. (2014). Formes et fonctions du discours expert dans des discussions sur l’environnement : une étude multimodale de la prise de position en interaction. ASp 65, 45-68.

Chapters in edited monographs

  • Morgenstern, Aliyah, Stéphanie Caët, Camille Debras, Pauline Beaupoil-Hourdel, Marine Le Mené. (2021). Children’s socialization to multi-party interactive practices: Who talks to whom about what in family dinners. In Letizia Caronia (Ed.), Language and Social Interaction at Home and School, [Dialogue Studies 32], 45–86.
  • Debras, Camille. (2020). Informing language training with multimodal analysis: insights from the use of gesture in tandem interactions. In Béatrice Dupuy & Muriel Grosbois (Eds.), Language Learning and Professionalization in Higher Education: Pathways to Preparing Learners and Teachers in/for the 21st Century.
  • Debras, Camille, Pauline Beaupoil-Hourdel, Aliyah Morgenstern, Céline Horgues and Sylwia Scheuer. (2020). Corrective Feedback Sequences in Tandem Interactions: multimodal cues and speakers’ positionings. In S. Raineri, M. Sekali and A. Leroux, La correction en langue(s) – Linguistic Correction/Correctness. Nanterre: Presses Universitaires de Nanterre.
  • Debras, Camille and Fiona Rossette. (2019). “Now is the time”: The Interaction of Prosody and Syntax in Martin Luther King’s Speech “I have a dream”. In C. Viollain and F. Coulouma (Eds.), Paramétrer le sens en anglais et en français. Marqueurs et Structures : articulations et constructions. Limoges : Lambert-Lucas. link
  • Morgenstern, Aliyah, Dominique Boutet and Camille Debras. (2018). French speakers’ verbal expression of event construal. In Alan Cienki and Olga Iriskhanova (eds.), Aspectuality across languages: Event construal in speech and gesture. Amsterdam: John Benjamins. link
  • L’ Hôte, Émilie & Camille Debras. (2016). The Party Conference Speech as a Genre Event: a Multimodal Approach. In Ninke Stukker, Wilbert Spooren & Gerard Steen (dir.), Genre in Language, Discourse and Cognition. Applications of Cognitive Linguistics (ACL) 33, Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter. link

International Conference Proceedings

  • Debras, Camille. (2015). Stance-taking functions of multimodal constructed dialogue during spoken interaction. In Gaëlle Ferré and Mark Tutton (eds.), International Proceedings of GESPIN4 (Gesture and Speech in Interaction), University of Nantes, 2-4 Sept. 2015. pdf
  • Debras, Camille, Céline Horgues & Sylwia Scheuer. (2015). The multimodality of corrective feedback in tandem interactions. In Molina-Plaza, S. (ed.) Multimodal Communication in the 21st Century: Professional and Academic Challenges. Procedia – Social and Behavioural Sciences, Vol. 212, 16-22. link
  • Debras, Camille & Alan Cienki. (2012). Some uses of head tilts and shoulder shrugs during human interaction, and their relation to stancetaking. Workshop Exploring Stances in Interaction, ASE 2012 International Conference of Social Computing, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 3-5 Sept. 2012. pdf
  • Becker, Raymond, Alan Cienki, Austin Bennett, Christina Cudina, Camille Debras, Zuzanna Fleischer, Michael Haaheim, Torsten Müller, Kashmiri Stec, Alessandra Zarcone (2011). Aktionsarten, Speech, and Gesture. GESPIN2 (Gesture and Speech in Interaction), University of Bielefeld, Germany, 5-7 Sept. 2011. pdf

Book review

  • Debras Camille. (2019). Ranger, Graham. 2018. Discourse Markers: An Enunciative Approach. Cham, Switzerland: Palgrave Macmillan. XV, 314 p. Cognitextes 18. link

Other publications

  • Debras, Camille. (2016). Conference Report : ISGS7: 7th Conference of the International Society for Gesture Studies on Gesture – Creativity – Multimodality, Paris, France, 18th-22nd July 2016. Russian Journal of Linguistics. Vestnik RUDN, 20 (3): 265-269.
  • Debras, Camille (2009). L’ Origine des Espèces: Contexte et enjeux d’écriture. La Clé des Langues. link

Academic Translations

  • Debras Camille, and Pierre Navarro (2009). Les institutions sont-elles dans la tête ? Entretien avec John Searle. De Pierre Navarro et Eric Monnet. Tracés, Revue de Sciences Humaines 17. link
  • Debras Camille and Anton Perdoncin (2006). Notes sur le concept d’engagement, H. S. Becker. Tracés, Revue de Sciences Humaines 11. link