Professional background

Since 2014: Maître de Conférences (Associate Professor), English Linguistics, Université Paris Nanterre
PEDR 2020-2024


Doctorate in English Linguistics, Sorbonne Nouvelle, Paris (2010-2013)

Thesis title: Multimodal Stancetaking in a corpus of British English videotaped discussions on the environment. Highest honours with unanimous congratulations from the defense committee.
Defense committee: Alan Cienki, Luca Greco, Amina Mettouchi, Irene Mittelberg, Aliyah Morgenstern (Supervisor), Martine Sekali.

Student of the École Normale Supérieure de Lyon (2004-2008)

Agrégation d’anglais (2007)

Research training abroad

May 2016: Visiting Scholar at the Center of Excellence on Intersubjectivity in Interaction, University of Helsinki (2 weeks)

April 2012: Visiting scholar, Center for Language, Interaction and Culture, Department of Linguistic Anthropology and Applied Linguistics, UCLA (2 weeks)

February-June 2012: Visiting scholar, Amsterdam Gesture Center, Department of Language and Communication, VU Amsterdam

March 2011: International workshop EMCL 5.1 (Empirical Methods in Cognitive Linguistics), University of Freiburg (Germany) (1 week)